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do the charles manson ark sz

im all about america...
do the charles manson
do the jeffrey dahmer

do the charles manson
do the jeffrey dahmer

do the charles manson
do the jeffrey dahmer
oh, oh
im all about america...

its the corpse winder ya cant handle my rugged rape
i shut bitches off, with strips of masking tape
ever since the pestilence invaded me
i started to decapitate, motherfuckers that hated me
and, ill murder you in cold blood for your rent
taxin so many people, niggas think im the president
so vote, or kid ill cut your throat with the scalpel
then feast on the human flesh of a priest in a chapel
filled with ghouls, your blood crunches
im body baggin, niggas in my +dungeons and dragons+
adventures, a fuckin sicko on the sickest possible level
ill eat your colon, cause im rollin with my mothers enavel
i had sex with all my ex hoes
then i chopped off there legs and are
now all i got are human torsos
with a chainsaw, made for gore
to clean up the blood
ill use your fuckin face to mop the floor

[chorus x2 (chorus missing the first "im all about america"]

i cannibal leaf a maggot
i gay bash a faggot
i knock boots with dirty prostitutes than jimmy swaggart
yo, im incurable like aids
i cant wait to self-mutilate myself with razor blades
blood and guts, blood and guts, mooneys body baggin
theyre comin to take me wah-ahah!
straight to the patty wagon
because they found my dead body shredded
now ill be blunt and your killings tended
well im sending some letters
to your family kid, letting them know i got rid
of your body after i chopped you like a squid
then straight to the garbage bag, another dead fag for the garbage man
so carry the body to the garbage can
when it comes to another murderer kid im gorier
the warriors, leavin niggas in a state of euphoria
back in the days when it came to punks i stick them
but nowadays the ghoul eat the flesh of his victim
so, word to the lizard, this niggas absurd
from january to december
im leavin niggas dismembered
bitches get beaten, long live the cretin
got dead bodies rot and cured ready to be eaten
with a knife and a fork, for any punk in new york
take mine, and ill have to outline your body in chalk

[chorus x2 (chorus missing the first "im all about america"]

mad mooneys mecol
i got the ski mask, im wonderful
ill rob; ill come through your sink like the fucking blob
the silent, violent, ghoul is cruel
my mind is darker, then clyde faulker
the motherfucking stalker, sporting a parka
blood stain where human remains
a teck-9 i pack when i hijack planes
so ashes to ashes, dust to dust
ill admit, ill shit, and ill spit on your grave in disgust
so rest in pain, the human may main releases
the type of shit to leave any nigga resting in pieces
i clock loot, like a punk playing a guitar
while girls loose their virginity in the backseat of my car
i went to killers anonymous, for my addiction
im santa clause wishin you a merry crucifixion

[chorus (chorus missing the first "im all about america"]

mad mooney kid
mad mooney kid
mad mooney kid
mad mooney kid
mad mooney kid
mad mooney kid
im gonna chop you up
im gonna chop you up
im gonna chop you up!


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