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cockroaches ark sz

[verse one: necro]
billions greeting, roaming around since genesis
coming out through the crevices
infested, walls filled with termites
busting through drool, looking for food
coming out when theres no light!
theyre small, but they make, humans nervous
youll do a spastic jerk, if you spot a cold one on your epidermis
if you squeamish, youre save provided,
when you sleep you keep your mouth closed, cause yo they might crawl up inside
uninvited, from out the earths core
bugs are the only species that will probably survive a nuclear war
and as you snore, they like to run to your door
then explore, you wont notice when theyre on your upside down floor
schemin, he sees food it causes poison
but some aint smart enough to eraid the exterminators poison
so the pest takes it back to his nest
contacting with another infected begins to infect the rest
a lot die, but its only a small fraction - we cant catch em
because theres always new eggs hatchin

[chorus one:]
-cut and scratched by the dj-
cockroach (3x)

[verse two: necro]
cockroaches, many perceive as evil
but if youre from the projects, them niggas are like people!
they sleep with you, eat with you, listen and beef with you
thousand times you get in your couch, theyll reproduce
they conceive theyre crew, roaches got there own army
generals, colonels, lieutenant, invading tenants
your crib becomes a big roach motel, for all sorts of bugs
poor homes for that cant afford?? free cockroach?drugs?
from out the cupboard, crawling into crisis
i got baby roaches inside my full pint, camouflaging in spices
once by accident, i ate em with my rice kid
cause, when youre hungry you dont think twice kid
yo there aint a person on earth that never ate an insect,
cause every food warehouse in the us they infect
i used to give roaches funeral buyers, wrap em up -
in toilet paper, still alive and light em on fire!
so watch out, theyll come to get you, theyre malicious
no crew parties, up in your sink, swimming up to your dishes

[chorus two]
-cut and scratched by the dj-
cockroach (2x)
-whispered in the background-


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