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exhausted remnants ark sz

silent screams - beaten and torn
sanctify - this life of scorn
innocence withdrawn in fear
night grows cold and twilights near
but the light i see is none
just a spectrum of unreal colours
which appears before my eyes
for you neither to see, nor to feel
shattered scattered - remnants of life
what can be extracted from nothing
what can be found within the emptiness
within the emptiness from which i am fed
i deal in pain - all life i drain
cherished - the grandeur of melancholy
always and never - the skyline seems so unreal
if i had wings, would i be forgiven
if i had horns, would there be flames to show my cry
laughing and crying - nothing remains
no future and no past
no one could foresee
the end has come so fast
and i reach my hand towards this ocean of despair
to grant my soul a lifetime in hell


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