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eclipse my heart, crown me king ark sz
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eclipse my heart, crown me king ark sz

act i: ritual

red interludium of pain
sacrifice for the vein of eternity
battles of ages revealed
to my third eye
darkness treasures as reward for my belief
i faint in final ecstasy
surrender to the demon of war

act ii: redemption

proud and dauntless i stalk
trough the gate of the nine seals
in the realm of perpetual divinity
a path is destined for me
now, as im not blinded
by gruesome lights of the past
i gaze into the distance
and perseive my destination
for many a castle is obscurity
for me a palace of wisdom
redeemed from mortal weakness

act iii: return

every single christian monument
we lay in ruins
and sweep away the servants of the cross
we are the creators of the dark ages
the revival
of forgotten centurys eclipse
we rebuilt a somber paradise
out of the wasteland of god
i bear the milleniums pain
pure indulgence
as my mouth opens breathing death


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