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uncertainty blurs the vision ark sz
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uncertainty blurs the vision ark sz

a vision of life

where together we walk

unbound from an existence

of fear and pain

the key to which

is self-contained

external freedom

must evolve from liberation within

to gain respect

and see the qualities in all life

forms the spark

which strikes the light

when so minimal the loss

how great be the risk

in reaching out and reclaiming our souls?

but until we overcome

the uncertainty in our fellow man

the vision of hope

remains an illusion

"you reach out and touch it. you feel it.

it is the life and love that is alive in you.

the feeling that is beyond thought

a feeling of truth.

reality in you,

when it is reached, you can reach it in others.

this is the liberation. this is the unity."

rudimentary peni, 1983


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