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the missing link ark sz

lyrics : lee dorrian / music : bill steer
an integral sense comes
with belonging to a scene
supposedly absent of barriers
(when sexism is only one of many).
earnest words
calling for unity of the sexes
when shes still the chick, or stupid bitch
(ridiculed for showing an interest).
hidden indifference
strikes an emotion reaction
when you see an animal being abused.
yet un-noticed when a woman
is abused in the same way.
the links of oppression
stem from the same degradation
but to one, our eyes remain closed.
actively abusing the rights of one
whilst fighting for those of another.
the ´ scene ª may hold a different name,
but the roleplays just the same.
equal rights are fine,
as long as shes in her place.
outrightly denouncing fascism,
whilst oblivious to it taking place,
is condemnation of standards,
all an act to save face.
unity, a stark ambition
when our abuse surpasses recognition.


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