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the infiltraitor ark sz

lyrics : barney greenway / music : shane embury
shaped thus, shippedem out
a new deal to flog and flout.
buried up to the neck in socio-aggregate;
twist an arm and drag it back.
infiltraitor reclaims the rhetoric.
infiltraitor turns the kindness milk.
a now and later policy
suits privileged contingency.
a now and later policy
crowns privileged contingency.
firmly entrenched, flip the cards.
buy it up and starve it under
cultivating on the middle thatch
all withers through the barren patch.
market the proles - the ornemental and quaint.
disbanding in union.
spine snaps on the make.
throwing stances,
juggling a standpoint so it wont offend.
tailored muses;
sharp, econo-friendly.
spine snaps on the make.


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