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thanks for nothing ark sz

mitch harris
serve my head on a plate
pulp my heart with ill will
i did trust you,
let to lust you, to be duped
thanks for fucking nothing!
serve my head on a plate
pulp my heart with ill will
sensed a mystique? turn to spent air?
killed it dead
thanks for fucking nothing
scap the dephts to salvage something
thanks for fucking nothing
drained my all, then drop the bombshell
true, we were not joined?
our evey feature spliced
though you rushed in and took a lead
three words spouted
this contagion
crossed all divides
caused a shift in protective focus
three words flouted
unnntimely end, i shouldve clicked?
a sensory cut-out
a spoiling of the harmony,
of which we were about
i dont despise or demonise,
but i just know your form
walk right out and move along,
and teap before you look
thanks for fucking nothing!


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