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repression out of uniform ark sz

lyrics : barney greenway / music : jesse pintado
phobic - eggshell-walking on a brink.
camera sensor eyes pierce.
we excuse stone-set normality.
yet send tremors through morality.
frozen optics,
traction for outspoken heads.
fuck your badgeless, rankless dirge
and bizarre take on community concern.
division is your vision.
cajoled - jostled into position
where we cant ascend or defend.
funny how youre moulded by perfection;
which visionary told you so?
curse our influence,
traction for outspoken heads.
your true colours make us reel - scab
garish hue with bilious sheen - scab
no dressing up to the nines - scab
its permanent under the skin.
policing the detritus - unclean!
policing the benign?
fuck your badgeless, rankless dirge
and fuck assumptions that were dirt
this derision builds a prison...for you!


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