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pride assassin ark sz

lyrics : barney greenway / music : s. embury, j. pintado, m. harris
brought forth into an acceptance :
expected mass production.
all cloned to obey without fail.
to question means breaking the mould.
to turn back, that courage you lack;
or live in pretence.
in youth, confused prime for manipulation,
an open sore cursed with their social infections.
´ absorb to be seen as a failure ª.
´ not fit to breathe the air we take in ª.
pride assassin.
true feelings call for deviation.
but could you face mass condemnation?
pride assassin.
backed into a corner,
why should you adhere
to their illusions and their orders?
willing to dictate yet for themselves exemption.
evaluate your brain, form your own opinions
to be an individual - compassionate and free.


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