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shane embury
next on the list?
such a smug parasite
smug in a comfort zone
we stepped back and watched
while you vidated
our effects, our spirits, our souls
opportunist scum?
think youre so immune?
opportunist scum?
we yearn to see you removed
opportunist scum?
truly spineless cint
opportunist scum?
back in this lonthsome glas
where once i was passive,
im ready to snap
a pound of flesh for those that youve taken
that smiling surround cant shield you forever
when it slips, well be there
to fuck your world!
a slap in the face
a slap in the face
don tturn your back, dont lower your guard.
or assume youre safe among fellows sharks
cause whan i catch that patronising smirk
(it) strenghtens my will
to smash your worthless buck
a slap in the face
a slap in the face
a slap in the face
goodbye to logic for this neccesary justice
goodbye to logic for this neccesary justice


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