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idiosyncratic ark sz

not lacking insight or impetus to shout behind ideas that reforms in

us will bring about.

(as) parallels we run so close yet as i try to draw to you,

incoherence rears its ugly head,

of integration? you do your utmost to discourage it.

envy, resentment, jealousy.

token emotions - there is no need.

i try so hard to state my case yet as i try to draw to you.

incoherence rears its ugly head,

resort to slander - you drive me further away.

breakdown of minuscule faith - my wasted efforts!!!

its your indifference, not mine, that puts me on a pedestal.

then after the fact, you oppose me for a lack of support.

if your aims are to attract us condemnation.

the bitter taste i had now strengthens my resolve...to rise above!

rise above!


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