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distorting the medium ark sz

saturating, pre - assuming icon of the youth, ways and means to call

the shots.

fingers in the pies which resign us from vacant urges, facing the

bombardment - no escape!

stick your intentions! parade of puppets, sickly sweet - you stink

of vulgarity.

sacrifice the faculties, all youve achieved is synthetic scenes.

next step is to gain approval from those ignore, those who recognize

the charade.

to fabricate alternatives designed to be expensive in hand with the

regular facade.

acquire acclaim with plastic actions, sickly sweet - you stink of


sacrifice the faculties, all youve achieved is synthetic scenes.

fit into the clich, a legend in your own brain, bigoted, motivated

only for prestige.

a mask for your inadequacy.

reshaping for whats required for slick commercially.

censored for subversion, redundant machine.

dont let them mold your identity.


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