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clutching at barbs ark sz
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clutching at barbs ark sz

lyrics : barney greenway / music : shane embury
waylaid by the hand that leads.
scale the heights of intimacy.
forewarned, unarmed,
one intoxicating whiff and youre snared.
dose up to delirium,
cross circles of death for the good,
deflect (all) contests.
one intoxicating whiff and youre snared.
mock me - im convulsing.
im clutching at barbs.
crass pity goes the deepest,
it magnifies the dross.
a grip enforced - barely healing.
im clutching at barbs.
leave me to snatch and paw
then lick my wounds.
struggle spent, i concede defeat.
swing for scumbags
who heaved the leash.
soft hands, sweet chance,
one intoxicating whiff and im snared!


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