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dimensions of thy unforgiven sins part i ark sz
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dimensions of thy unforgiven sins part i ark sz

founding myself on a heath of light...
a great white tower before my eyes
voices of sorrow, never heared nor beheld
im trapped - beyond my dark ksy
and the glaring light burns my eyes
all colours look like sunlights swords
the dimly light seems to be lost...
im gazing through this window,
without moving as if i had been there forever
the horizont of dreams...
i see a black raven flying - somewhere someones dying
but all the moon revealed again and leaped my forces back to life
now i feel harmony... showered by the moonlight...
my mocking laughter rang out to be resounded in the circle of time
and i rode back like the wind - into my beloved realm
and i leave thy heaven... forever...
my black cloack flew like wings behind me,
as i fly through the freezing fire
and the cries of falling souls encruage me
but the dreamworld will open its gates again...


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