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crimson horizons and ashen stars ark sz
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crimson horizons and ashen stars ark sz

spectral planes before my eyes
ambivalent glowing with my inner pandemonium
crimson horizons merge into ashen skies
ascending bleakness but not clourless
i stride ahead...
light-absorbing signs appears above me
symbols to guide me, symbols to brace me
impressed by those views which i always foresaw
hearing the silent resonance of everlastingness
a cosmos that never began and will never pale
so do i...
time and space like warmth and coldness
all earthly concepts left behind
harmonious evil beyond faintness fills this world
my senses are adapted, obtuse they were
i have spiritualized the flame of satan
so those eternal impressions are wages
for every life destroyed in a fake outstripped reality
obscure are the ways of death
and veiled are mine...
secrets and treasures can be bared in a place called...hell
the relevance of mortality descends after this revelation
and i have banned all christian mortality
one day i enter my morbid world
and stalk an endless paths
where crimson horizons merge into ashen skies


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