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a frozen soul in a wintershadow ark sz
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a frozen soul in a wintershadow ark sz

wolves are howling to honour the moon
my heart belongs to the past
i feel attraction for the night
my mind to the ancient times
i wander through the fields where blood was split
awaitin gthe reign of the dark and the cold
i can feel the creatures of the night
my dreams are no illusions
so i travel between these worlds
my soul is frozen - evil rules my mind
able to face the eternal night
why am i born into this world
..soon i will leave
into the sleep of death - never to return
my life is just a darkened silent barricade
between all i ever wanted to be
i will enter the other side
to fly on the wings of death
to ride with the wind to the ancient times
to fade away to a blackened spiral - to see eternity
to be a wintershadow out of time


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