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del amitri, del amitri arklar, del amitri ark szleri
1.always the last to know378
2.as soon as the tide comes in360
3.baby its me531
4.be my downfall540
5.behind the fool408
6.being somebody else403
7.breaking bread388
8.cash and prizes409
10.crashing down358
11.crows in the wheatfield422
12.cruel light of day407
13.cry to be found415
14.deceive yourself in ignorant heaven388
15.dont come home too soon536
16.driving with the brakes on333
17.drunk in a band351
19.food for songs396
20.former owner411
21.funny way to win370
22.hammering heart379
23.hatful of rain370
24.heard through a wall318
25.here & now374
26.high times380
27.i was here439
28.i wont take the blame545
29.it might as well be you355
30.its never too late to be alone495
31.jesus saves422
32.just before you leave412
33.just getting by340
34.just like a man378
36.kiss this thing goodbye400
37.last cheap shot at the dream390
38.life is full359
39.lucky guy430
40.make it always be too late383
42.mother natures writing559
43.move away jimmy blue387
44.never enough384
45.no family man449
46.not where its at600
47.nothing ever happens371
48.one more last hurrah384
49.one thing left to do406
50.opposite view415
51.out falls the past379
52.roll to me354
53.shes passing this way525
54.some other suckers parade589
55.sometimes i just have to say your name411
56.spit in the rain385
57.start with me375
58.sticks and stones, girl440
59.stone cold sober450
60.surface of the moon366
61.tell her this427
62.the first rule of love395
63.the ones that you love lead you nowhere384
64.this side of the morning393
65.through all that nothing391
66.to last a lifetime412
67.wash her away352
68.what i think she sees356
69.when i want you347
70.when you were young388
71.wont make it better625
72.youre gone455
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