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deicide, deicide arklar, deicide ark szleri
1.apocalyptic fear451
2.bastard of christ411
3.behead the prophet no load shall live459
4.behind the light thou shall rise360
5.believe the lie390
6.bible basher431
7.blame it on god433
9.carnage in the temple of the damned376
10.child of god362
11.christ denied377
12.christ dont care598
13.confessional rape460
14.creatures of habit341
16.day of darkness358
17.dead but dreaming383
18.dead by dawn447
20.father bakers497
21.forever hate you387
22.halls of warship374
23.holy deception385
24.i am no one438
25.immanent doom423
26.in hell i burn389
27.in torment in hell414
28.kill the christian414
29.let it be done397
30.lunatic of gods creation691
31.lurking among us368
33.oblivious to evil392
34.once upon the cross523
35.refusal of penance369
36.remnant of a hopeless path509
37.repent to die426
38.revocate the agitator619
39.sacrificial suicide518
40.satan spawn the caco-daemon499
41.serpents of the light390
42.slave to the cross440
43.standing in the flames380
44.suffer again361
45.the gift that keeps on giving394
46.the truth above430
47.they are the children of the underworld332
48.this is hell were in516
49.to be dead410
50.trick or betrayed376
52.vengeance will be mine387
53.when satan rules his world386
54.worry in the house of thieves381
55.worst enemy351
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