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tank niggas ark sz

womp womp!
its that, its that nigga.
womp womp!
mr. serv-on in this nigga.
womp womp!
klc on the beat.
its mr. (womp)

im a no limit tank nigga, tank nigga (do you what)
actin bad, blowin dank nigga, dank nigga
you wanna war get stank nigga, stank nigga
and we aint dying cause we aint nigga, we cant nigga x2

[mr. serv-on]
lets be realistic, if i slap the fuck out ya would you talk about it
better yet, if i come to your motherfuckin house
fuck your wife, piss on your grass, kick your dog would you cry about it
no doubt about it nigga, im a fuckin soldier
if one of us die nigga we roll the body over, kiss the tank
and pray to the motherfuckin ghetto saint
be afraid to die bitch, i cant
put a pistol to my head, why the fuck should i be scared, im heartless
im tired of doin three consectutive lifetimes, nigga respect this
i dont give a fuck about your life
i cut your motherfuckin wrist twice
spray, all your homies bleed and make you scream through the motherfuckin
i put it down like my homie big ed, i put it down like that
nigga fuck that, i never leave my motherfuckin house without a motherfuckin
so i dont give a fuck if you north, west, south or east
nigga disrespect the tank and believe me nigga im a put one in your chest
nigga im the no limit fuckin beast


get em up cause we never die motherfuka
i be the dumb nigga causing all the rucka
c-murders my name and its a shame how i make niggas past tense
and leave em bleeding cause i aint got no motherfuckin sense
we hit the soundscan harder then a land mine
i drop a disc and blockbusters start forming lines
>from the north to the south to the east to the west
im a tank nigga, respect my tank up on my chest

im the motherfuckin baddest alive, ya heard me, and i meant it
nuttin but me and know that fiend gonna represent it
independent like no limit, you can start it im a finish
picture paragraph indented, thinkin that im timid
im in the book of guiness for leaving all my pray attended
and a niggas ass for playin with my spinach
get to mixing like a chemist, if its personal or business
blame on my cut throat act, signed the sharpest nigga


whos that wanna murder mac, niggas thinkin its sweet
thinkin im a killer just on beats but not no killer in streets
im world war threeing, bustin at niggas like niggas korean
me and my niggas, ride wit us or die wit us (woooooooo)
i represent the shell shocked niggas, point me to his block nigga
if i cant find ya murder your pops nigga
no limit soldier for life, they couldnt hold me
i never die wodie, thats what my psychic friends told me

[lil souljas]
im a soldier camoflauge my reproitore, seven guards
tell the world who we are, leave the war without a scar
i been doin this, tru to this, call your friends, make a wish
singin tight when it come to this
aint no limit, keep coming, competition running
moon to sun and, i can, you better come in

specialist, you testin this, the best of this
the more you might wanna diss
my tank says no limit bitch


[mia x]
four star major general, bitch of the tank
boss hard and souljarette, known for washin all of the dank
legitimize, monopolize, roadblock when we gotta
guerilla force, black power, i racotta on top
its mama drama and im ready for war
your goin mine and leave em in chalk lines when i throw off
show off and sho nuff we rip the
n-o l-i-m-i-t and leave em testin shit up

[big ed]
theres no one seein me when im comin, red rummin
bust you open in front of your woman
wear shades when im in the hummer, your done in, aint no use in runnin
assassin, got you boxed up, the smoke infrared got you locked up
shoot your block up, bust your world like tupac
i bring the fire like?????, aint went hardheaded bar brawler
i get to shooting revolvers, 450 for problem solvers
but i bust back, lemme hear the sound, of the clack clack
nigga make some room, back back
no limit soldiers are on the attack


i kick this motherfucker off like the superbowl
watch how quick this luger blow
the world gotta know, i aint a hoe
im a go leave bullet holes in your vehicle
kane & abel stay low, bustin shots at the popos
hundred shots in a row from the calicos
cut throat like autopsy, poppin this, stop me, bitch watch me
call your baby mommy, identify the body when i get rowdy
kicking ass till my shoes get shitty
bullets trigger man city
you with me
put your face up with steel make up, yall niggas wanna be pretty

sargent at arms, denate bombs, we lyrical warfare
blow up your mind with pipe bombs, you niggas wanna go there
i cut your shit like edward scissorhands, im just a killer man
bustin hollow tip grips in the black land
smack your bitch with a back hand
we soldiers


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