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snatch them hoez up ark sz

[mr. serv-on]
whats in barbras bedroom.
(big v-90 nigga, big pokey)
oh oh, ah.
(big swoll)
whats in barbras bedroom.
(big boz)

[t. scott]
yo, whats happenin mo b.?
whats happenin mr. serv-on?
you know what im sayin?
this your main man, your nigga t. scott.
i was walking by the studio and i heard this funky, funky beat man.
and i wanna know, whats this i hear bout you snatching them hoez up?

[mr. serv-on]
(snatch them hoez up) if you wanna fuck a nigga
(snatch them hoez up) if you done bad nigga
(snatch them hoez up) if you bout some trouble nigga
(snatch them hoez up) if you shake that ass nigga x2

[mr. serv on]
mr. hit em up, down like they grab them hoes legs and put em up
i love it when them hoes say serv do
what the fuck you wanna do when you bang the pussy up
say what, you like the way i walk with this mean mug
cmon hoe, snatch that ass for a thug
and if its good next time ill let you wear my tank
when im going in and out your bank
what, bitch i cant
but i can be dat nigga gettin mines from behind
and if you bout that double
bitch i know some country niggas always bout that fuckin trouble

[mr. serv-on]
chorus x2

[mia x]
na, na, na, why niggas do niggas in the club all night
been nursin the one drinkin, but got the nerve to think
that he gon snatch a ho up, bend the bitch over
smack it down, flip it, throw them legs on your shoulders
i told ya, tru bitches aint going for it hardly
aint giving up the pussy to a nigga in the club or the party
sorry motherfuckas make me laugh
im the bitch with the chips, tipsy get your self a cab, on me
but some of you bitches make it bad
how you compromise your ass for little or nothin, thats sad
so when the niggas come stuntin talkin trash, super thug bitch what
nine cock snatch that hoe up

[mr. serv-on]
chorus x3


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