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my story ark sz

it was a long, long time ago
in the basement with no money but had talent to show
but the shit wasnt right because the money was tight
but a mill and some street skills got me feelin tonight, right x2

[mr. serv on]
it all started in 92, just tight sounds there wasnt no beats by the pound
just a little light skinned nigga with light eyes and blacks
im trippin, this nigga got a couple of gs worth of equipment and no
muthafuckin strap this nigga gotta be somebody real
cause in south east and it cost ya dc
some nigga be tightin up his muthafuckin grill
im seein shysty niggas run in and out
now im thinkin this must be a muthafuckin crack house
this nigga say he like what i do, he see a little potential
now im like nigga whats up with you
all we had between us was hundred bars and ruffles
i know yall out there fuckin laughing bitch it was real
all we had to do was hustle
i told em nigga do the music these bad times cant hold us
i did everything from credit cards to bad checks to bank tellers
then we started dressin like goodfellas
dressin in nba teams uniforms everyday of the week
this nigga still doing fire music
and im pushin ounces of weed on the street
but we still ridin dirty and this old lady caddy nigga one head light
fuckin around the club, killing rumors, where niggas die every night
but we aint trippin, we aint got shit to lose
cause if i kill a nigga fuck it, our shit gon sell
i know we got on serv-on we on the news

yeah thats what we talkin bout.
all you gotta do is catch one of your bitch ass niggas slippin.
when i blast at that bitch that they talk with.

chorus x2

[mr. serv on]
so now i got my tape dubbed, we gotta do something
this nigga kl got two daughters and he workin on a muthafuckin son
til we dead we aint got no nigga to put gs up
sleepy wanna lend a hand but the people fuckin with him
he got his hands tied up
shit, all we got between us nigga
is enough money to get a kicken chicken plate
me and these muthafuckas with child support are always in my face
i still wanna call boogie and tarret,
but them niggas got problems of they own
nigga they kill they homies time to leave they pistols on em
im from 6th and berome, i aint off the way
but niggas like booty, bozo, cujo, qb, mo, vito, and t-roy
they treat my like im they home boy
now this nigga o-boy may he rest in peace
talkin bout some jack the rapper shit
fuck it, we doing bad plus this shit free
now we three deep in the course, with a pack in the spare tire
i hope these alabama police dont stop us cuz we hot like fire
i think about all the niggas we done left behind
but fuck it nigga, i gotta go for mine
i dont know what im gonna do, i gotta go for mine

nigga, mc dart.
thats like the tightest muthafucka yall never heard of nigga.
yall never heard of.

chorus x2

[mr. serv on]
now we at the mariott marquis with no passes
not for long, nigga im from new orleans bitch we whoop asses
i pussy ass label no name giving heard our demo
try to beat us with hoes and limos, fuck em i dont miss em
now we in the lobby watchin death row and ruthless records fightin
tearin shit up, and right in the middle like when i was young
that nigga p ran up with c-murder with pistols in hand
askin whats up nigga yall straight
shit i remember a little group, now they platinum
i could keep a secret now im gon make my escape
p said nigga lets eat at this breakfast place
nigga told me about no limit and took my demo
gave us two hundreds dollars a peice and pay for the shit we ordered to eat
now we back home still struglin
i got a pistol with two bullets
one for me and one for the nigga that fuckin with me, im thuggin
i done beat some niggas out for some paper
kl got tax problems, dont trust me when we in the money caper
now p back home lookin for some niggas for some down south hustlers shit
im lettin club rumors and im like dogg take me out this bitch
he ask me if am i trippin on chris, nigga fuck that bitch hit me bustin
but i cant leave without kl
now we on the plane with me and the rest aint hard to tell nigga
we made it

chorus x2


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