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my homies ark sz

chorus: 2xs
when will i see my friends
as the time go i could never
when will i see my friends
in this time lord i need some
when will i see my friends

mr. serv-on:
have you ever tried to count every raindrop
before it hit the ground probably not better yet
count every love one or friend that aint around i did
hopin that the time it took it would ease my troubles in
the end all i got was to many tears an my reflection in a
puddle sometimes i just want to stand in the rain and look up
with my arms open hopin god could tell me why babies die
why my cousin fish keep smokin, mama told me say a prayer
and itll ease the pain you think mouse before he died
at lease smile and said his son name id give anything
if i could hear my aunt gussie curse me out
auntee if you see randall tell him his pad holdin up and
hold me a place in his new house cause so many nights
i look at my dun and ask myself whats the purpose its been a
long time since i been to church is that reason enough to hurt us
they told my cousin he got hiv known he facin death he walk
around with a smile, every sunday he praisein a thought he
still gods child and mama lost a nephew and a sister in the same
year and never once i saw her just lay down, give up and
shed a tear

chorus: 2xs

mr. serv-on:
see steve in north carolina lil brother tony had five
mouths to feed, god did joeys killers know that before they
shot him to his knees, god please tell me ima i a good father
my daughter a week old and i can see it in her little eyes she
already got a troubled soul and it seem like im runnin my last
and final race if derall and ken not to busy send a little
sunshine to they lonely brothers face i know everybody they die
for a reason you think my cousin chuck with his last breath
wanted a hit of gin before leaven or if momo was still liven
my family wouldnt look at each other with so much hate wed
all be speakin shhh!! fat rube mama never got to enjoy grandkids
homie i know its hard when your son ask to see his their other
grandmother and where she live i go to the cemetery and it seem
like the only place i find peace do you really believe a man
when he let out of jail he really free i think if i was a bird
i wouldnt fly away cause for some reason
i think everybody i love would come back and id be to far to come
back to enjoy dat day

chorus pays through out the outro:

shhh! dear god when im standin alone in the dark hmm!
it might seem like im a drunk or even if im not
so what im sayin just talkin to you tellin you what
i fell every mother that lost somebody ease they pain
please you know if i could give a part of me just to do that
then do what you got to do to take it you know all these kids
out there without fathers you know let their father become a man
and take care of that and every mother other there thats alone
pregnant or either on drugs or what ever ease all they problems
and the troubles in they mind you know letem find god cause you
know im not the perfect one i miss church alot hay you know
and you know what im feelin you know i dont miss my prayers
you know and my moms she been through so much you know just let
her smile once and all these homies out there thats still bangin
you know you lose a homey close yo eyes put your head down and
think about it you know cause if you go out here and take
another you know somebody might come back and take yours and
then youll be filling the same way

chorus till fade:


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