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murder ark sz

mr. serv-on:
say young kenoe
give a little something i can fucking roll to
some murderous type shit
i got a little something on my chest and i gots to get it off
see niggas playing, you wanna play?
yall think we slow down here, tell you what
kenoe, we gonna turn my
naw wait kenoe, kenoe, hold up
i got something, stay the fuck right here
stay the fuck right here

serv, serv on, serv, say bro, lets go bro
i just saw them niggas bro,
lets go get them stupid ass motherfucking niggas

murder, murder, where they at?, (ah shit) i see em
(there dey go) (there dey go)
murder, murder, pass me them thangs, im gonna get em
(pass me them thangs) (let me get em)

mr. serv-on:
see me, im a little nigga
and i aint never had shit, but now im the best
so aint shit for me to give it all up
for this motherfucking tank, around my fucking chest
when yall see it, yall see diamonds and gold
when i see it, i see a bunch of rowdy motherfuckers just (???)
see the colonel, he dont start no shit, but wait a minute
you motherfucking talking about the motherfucking tank, this nigga love
me most of all, so watch this nigga finish
we like to go scrap for scrap, blow for blow
when i see you nigga, i told you i was gonna get you
i dont give a fuck about you or your hoe
cause im the type of nigga thats gonna finish this shit
i go from town to town, if i want to fuck you up nigga
i slap you and your motherfucking bitch
see talk about niggas down south, we slow, (whats happening)
but watch me wake up nigga
and im gonna show what we do nigga, what up, you wanna go?

chorus 4x

yo, you better back the fuck off me
if you know me then you know my rap
i be that step on your chest, until you lose your fucking breath
bitch, i huff, and i puff, until you shiver in fear
you looking for that bulldoser, mr. magic is here
now who want to test me?(wha?), who can the best be?(who?)
who from that lower 9, a lot of fucking grass be
who do them bitches be jocking and flocking round to come see
who got them thug niggas jumping (magic!), thats me
hi, what happening, have yall seen me in them videos
floss around with a lot of hoes, smoking on that fire doja
shit, you can come over here if you wanna, yous a gonner,
i dont need no pistol bitch, ill put these fucking hands on ya!

chorus 4x

mr. serv-on:
see i call myself a soldier, yall call me a thug
fucking young silkk told me be the fuck you gonna be, fuck the love
i (???) my tank, i only want love from niggas doing time(25 to life)
shit nigga, keep doing your push-ups,
im gonna keep busting these bitches, that hate my kind
some bitches told me when you see us, yall gonna start busting
nigga, i heard that shit before,
nigga my baby cry, my old lady at home [fuck for show]
see nigga i got pampers to buy,
my little nephew need a new pair of shoes
so nigga fuck you, the magazines, and the motherfucking news
yall niggas make albums, put em out, and they dont sell,
(that aint my fault)
i met a nigga two weeks ago,
put em out now nigga and this nigga got million dollar stories to tell
i fuck with a nigga named p with gold teeth in his mouth
and a nigga like c-murder who love the motherfucking south
so what the fuck yall ?bout?

chorus 4x


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