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makem bleed ark sz

ah, ah, serv, mr serv on.
where you at, where you at, where you at, where you at.
mr. serv-on, come on boy, come on boy.

[mr serv on-chorus]
so what you wanna do, what you wanna do, bitch im from the tank
if you scared, homie leave, i make em fucking bleed x2

i respect that nigga that said it aint where you from its where you at
im getting rowdy grabing on my tank
all the crazy niggaz in the fucking back
im fake tape snatching, hoe smacking, rental car jacking, riding your shit
putting dick to your fucking bitch, you never hear me say quit
no limit niggas fighting with a nose bleed
we done sold out in every city and i be doing shows over seas
used to slang weed by the pound
now i smoke it by the sack with v-90 and a whole bunch a pimps
looking for a big booty gimp
nigga dont ask me if im set tripping
bitch im loving gang banging
no matter how you decide as long as you got love for this tank
bitch ill ride til i die
put a gun to my head bitch i aint scared
when you do that know who you bout
nigga im from the south

chorus x4

when its dark outside nigga, i came out
talking shit about no limit bitch
im gonna be the one thats gon knock your motherfucking teeth out
niggaz ask me if i found something i believe in, would i die for it
nigga put a tank in front of my killer
they might as well shoot bitch im gon reach for it
i was born to bleed fuck with me please
my dick get hard when people motherfucking strike through my fucking sleeve
i aint leaving this cali motherfucker til all you bitches follow my lead
coward motherfuckers breed
do or die niggaz except they destiny with a bullet in the chest
and the stupidest question you can ask me before my eyes close
who the fuck is the best
nigga n-o l-i-m-i-t
dmx told you cowards "hell was hot"
but wait til you get a load of my fucking block

chorus x4


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