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one night ark sz

i aint got no money, but i sure got style
and if you got the time, girl, ill show you how to smile
come on make your mind up, ooh baby take a chance
before this night is over, ill show you how to dance, yeah
you like the danger, its in your eyes, i can see it there
throw your dance with a stranger, kiss him goodbye, yeah, bye bye baby

one night aint no love affair, but i wont ask no more from you
one night with you anywhere, heaven knows what we can do
so sophisticated, i like the way you dress
the way you move your body, ooh, baby im obsessed
i dont want no lifetime, i just want tonight
come on, take a chance, girl, i know you know its right, yeah
ive got this feeling, its feelin so strong, when i first saw you
youve got me reelin, dont prove me wrong, oh come on, baby


yeah, you like the danger, its in your eyes, i can see it, baby
you took a chance with a stranger, kiss him goodbye, bye bye baby



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