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hit the block ark sz

[mr. serv-on]
you niggas talkinbout you run out of this and jump out of that
and hit a nigga block, ha
but i dont really think you know what it means
to run up on a niggas shit
and take what you want nigga
cause as long as i can remember nigga
down south, no limit
we take what the fuck we want

[mr. serv-on]
ha, im addressin to show alot of niggaz in the rap game,
shit bout to change
nigga you gotta know your pay, chose your side nigga, foe or friend
i cant pretend to love a nigga when i know i dont
i cant pretend to love a woman when i know the fuck i wont
cause eveything i seem to love, seem to leave
and every nigga i see to trust,
seem to scream jealously and betrail and bleed
how many niggas you know smoke weed to ease the ghost in they mind
how many niggas you know smile when the judge say 99
i know alot of niggas in the rap game look at the tank on my chest
and you say to yourself nigga, you hate my kind
when you niggas sit on top of the rap game
yall decided to sit back, get fat, smoke weed, get laid
then we came, nigga starvin in the middle of the night
like a new young rapper on a new york train
then we stepped off, pay the toll, nigga you know tanks roll
why you niggas strollin in your videos in the park
we was wagin bloody war in the dark
and if you about that talk nigga, fuck you

you dont know when i hit your block i hit right
you dont know when i hit your block, aight
you dont know when i hit your block, i hit it right
cause everything in sight gotta die tonight x2

now ease up nigga, dont make a sound, lay it down
i fuck with the pound,
and any new other gang wont make me fuck with this rap thang
i could take each one of my producers, send them each to one of your labels
and you finally get the feelin of what it feels like to get a real hit
and dont be afraid to look at that sound scan shit
cause with the pound name nigga
you know you be shippin enough out the door
and pay you artist to a video, buy a house for your wife, you know my ho
see i was like randy moss, the top draft choice
alot of you niggas looked at me but you was too scared to touch my voice
but that nigga with the gold teeth picked me late in the first round
now i get down with young savage niggas
from la to smoking weed with that nigga tony from town 87, and chi town
i even get down with jack town ballers, mississippi niggas
callin me on my beeper sayin serv, nigga you need extra trigger
forever nigga, thats how i do it when i put it down nigga
if you aint fuckin with a nigga
i bang, hang, nigga lesson hang, sayin nigga

chorus x2

you know what im saying motherfucker?
you goin know whats happening
like that little nigga that like to bark say
nigga talk is cheap motherfucker
you know what im sayin
so when i hit your block you goin know
to the niggaz in the rap game, i know you keep it real


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