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boot em up ark sz

shoot em up, shoot em down
shoot em up, shoot em down
shoot em up, shoot em down, shoot em down, shoot em down
shoot em up, shoot em down
shoot em up, shoot em down
shoot em up, shoot em down till theres nothin around
boot em up, boot em down
boot em up, boot em down
boot em up, boot em down, boot em down, boot em down
boot em up, boot em down
boot em up, boot em down
boot em up, boot em up till they gotta go down

which one of you niggas wanna swing something, swing something
fuck with me this bumble bee goin sting something
you actin like i aint a knockout king or something
ghetto concrete, rings, left, right dubbin
grab them choppers and weed
them niggas bout that bleedin and needs
see what the streets go over to our survival, like me
its called the i-e-g-t can make it bad for ya
like findin out your momma never had love for ya
im a bad muthafucka and bout it bout it to the bone
some niggas go to clubs but they never make it home
keep a pistol on me if you want me
pull in first, so i hope you just ready to settle will just haunt you


one two, no limit comin for you
three four, serv at your door
five six

[mr. serv on]
muthafucka dont be no bitch
let it be known, let it be sead
naw, not like that

i came in this muthafucka to get rowdy
get the fuck out tha way if you scared
even though its lovin, i come in the club
nigga i dont get caught up in that v-i-p trip (none of that)
cause like to be one of them niggas that like to sit around
and get around with them niggas that buy my shit
so they say them niggas no limit real, nigga we run this bitch
i aint one of them niggas in my video who rap about money and fame
fuck that, i like talking bout niggas thatll die for their street names
from la to no from ny to chi
till i die i respresent where im from
nigga stand up, here i come
im like a twenty one year old tyson nigga
knockin niggas out, dont give a fuck, nigga i keep my fingers on the trigga
so when you want it nigga, come and get it
and when i slap it down nigga you wanna know where the fuck im from
third ward and uptown
boot em up


gives a five, funkdafied, call this microphone handler
the billboard spot damager, tarantula in front the camera
from amateur to the actin animal
more graphic than the????
and i gets down like tommy lee be doin pamela
now see what we can break out
i set it off, i let it all hang out
bustas be formin off the charts talkin bout wooooooah
but im a be rhymin me to be talkin bout weeeeeee
i beat ya up, i cut ya up, i stab ya up, i bust ya up
take it, you cant do nothin for the reprucussion from this bucka bucka
round your people, get your issues, get the fuck out



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