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you niggaz dont fuckin know me
why the fuck yall always lookin at me?
pissed off cuz a bitch lookin at me
or cause one of yo niggaz got a lil luv for me
you dont know me

chorus (2x)
1, fuck a nigga, fuck a nigga
2, slap a bitch fuck a bitch
3, you dont know me why you fuckin with me
1, fuck a nigga, fuck a nigga
2, slap a bitch fuck a bitch
3, you dont know me you dont know me

im the piece of the puzzle that didnt fit
im the reason why niggaz smack they bitch
i thought you wuz a playa so why the fuck you gon trick?
im the feelin in ya dick when ya piss and ya know you been burned
im the pain in ya face
when i punch the fuck out you talkin bout no limit
when the fuck yall gon learn?
im the feelin in the gangbanger heart when he know he been violated
but when he catch up with you in the middle of the night
the beef between you, lets update it
you niggaz dont know me
bitch im at no limit money bitches fame
so what the fuck you gon show me?
im the stop sign on yo block that everybody run (run dat bitch)
you think you the man in yo house nigga ask yo bitch bout me
betta yet nigga ask yo son


p told me he the wheels on the tank
betta yet the million dollars in the bank
well im that lil screw that whole everything together and i never rust
i told you i gave you 1,052 grams
we kinda cool nigga but you betta weigh yo shit, i aint to be trust
i love to bust
im the lie in the mirror when you look and you think you kinda tight
im the tears in ya eyes when you find out the bitch on camera,
thats ya wife
im the thought in ya mind when you see the nigga that snitched on you
im the shame in yo heart when all yo niggaz
found out you like bitches to piss on you
im the returns when ya tape dont sell out
im the look in ya girl eyes
when pokey see you bitch and knock you the fuck out


you bitches dont know me and will never know me nigga.
you know what? p right dont be fuckin wit none of these niggaz out here.
fuck yall.
i told you nigga, choose yo side youre either foe or friend from now on nigga.
tso for gamin ?????? fuck yall nigga.


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