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trapped in toyland ark sz

20 long years ridin somebodys coattalis

watching the vermin go by thru a heavy coat
of chain mail
so ya wanna change the world but ya still
cant decide

they can take away the cash but a fools
got his pride
everyone must kneel before the man
the leader of the band
trapped in toyland

20 odd years since you heard "revolution"

feeding your fears with psychological pollution

everybody in the wold tryin to take you

for a ride

so you get behind the wheel just to realize

youre blind
sycophants associates n press men
read the upper hand
trapped in toyland
well it seems like years since anybody
knew your name
and youre drownin in your tears but its
all just the same
and it seems such a waste for a man with such pride
but its obvious reality is eatin at your insides
sycophants associates npress men
read the upper hand
everyone must kneel before the man
the leader of the band
trapped in toyland


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