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not one night ark sz

i used to dream of only you
yeah i used to do that
i used to messed to came to you
oh now i dont do that
since youve been gonna learn to stop
try to hold on because

theres not one night, one single day
that i wouldnt give to you
so hold my night in every way
i try to forget you too

i thought you could tell me anything
yeah you used to do that
let me inside of everything
yeah you used to do that
never to change you least the tought
if you so strange because


loneliness may come knocking at my door
where im coming from that dont face me anymore
tender-shatter-little-life on where im sposeses to be
of youre not used in thinking you come running back to me


since youve been gonna learn to stop
try to hol on because...



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