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never say never ark sz

contains the unstoppable, unyielding, unbelievable, pulsating sheehan-torpey groove.

i wanna know was it love or money
come clean tell the truth about what youve done
why did you give your love to another man?
girl, i believed you were the one

i shoulda known id be caught in the middle
no way oout-no alibis
ive tried my best but i dont understand
whats so good about long goodbyes-ya

never say never
cuz i still remember
how we thought that love never ends
through good times and bad times
its always a find line
ill never say never again

so far so good
you showed me how love is misunderstood
whatever it takes
ive made some mistakes
but never again

never say never
cuz now were together
well keep holdin on till the end
one look in your eyes and i knew id decided
to never say never again-never again


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