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merciless ark sz

shake the waist, you got to love that taste and
smell the rain, what a shame to let her get away
tie me down to the race-car tracks
smack dab in the middle of lovers lane
zip the lipstick on like bbq sauce
painted lady, got to slip into something thats comfortable
hey.. you can look but you better not touch
shut down the motors, pull back in the clutch
that strut is merciless
oh, oh only one word to define it
merciless oh, oh i cant deny
that strut is merciless
worth the weight in double trouble
merciless oh, oh strut your stuff
whats your pick-up line, i bet ya tell her shes fine
if that dont work, dont you pack your suitcase up tonight
dont give up, here comes a big surprise
its more than enough to keep me satisfied
crack the whip, baby, twist your hips
i do as i see fit, love to lick your lips a little bit
you can run, but you better not hide
there goes the dream into the lights

the last thing i remember
after that hard slap in the face
i was lying there thinkin
as she turned and walked away...merciless
chorus: out


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