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big love ark sz

i swear by love
you got it
all and much more
than one could ever hope for
cause i would take a number
just to wait in line, for a look
and to gimme the high sign

red lights green lights
go for the gold
something inside, i want you now
i want it all, and more than you know

my mind is twisted, tied up in knots
my heart is achin from a shot in the dark
i got a feeling what this is all about
i think its time for the...big love
im gettin ready for the big love

everytime i think about you
i get a lump in my throat
from the big beat in my heart
i am helpless, hungry for attention
i know... you could see me fall apart


ready, willing and able, give me
the chance to show you-i want it all
more than you know


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