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addicted to that rush ark sz

when i was a young boy
my momma said to me
once a woman gets your soul
youll never shake her free
these are words of wisdom
tt turns out she was right
gotta find a lover-
cause i need a fix tonight

once i thought her lovin
was a habit i could break
but when i go without it
my body starts to ache
whoooooo (etc.) ooooo
watch it touch me deep inside
somethin snaps inside my mind
when i feel it comin aint no sense in runnin
im addicted to that rush
every time we touch
never get enough
cause im addicted to that rush - yeow!

look around i stop and stare
got to get a taste
pretty women everywhere
we aint got time to waste
lookin for a little thang
to fit into my plans
on the town ill hurt you down
im walkin like a man


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