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a little to loose ark sz

actually, it could happen anywhere. it could even happen to you

misguided woman knows my name
aint go nobody else to blame
i gota a girl back home
shes waiting all alone

ten weeks of rock and roll arcade
seems like a year since ive been paid
i got to let it go, no one will ever know

i got a little to loose
in oklahoma city
i didnt care if she was young
i didnt care if she was pretty
i got a little too loose
a little too loose
a little too loose, oh, oh, oh

keep little secrets far too long
guess taht ill put them in a song
i got to let it go, on one will ever know

baby, can i get you a taxi
she said, "thats ok, tonight i"m staying here"
all that little girl wanted yeah
was a slippery souvenir


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