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days in the hole ark sz

all right, all right, all right
she called up an old friend
talkin bout black lebanese
a dirty room and a silver coke spoon
give me my release... come on

black napolese
it got ya weak in your knees
theyre gonna seize some dust
that you got bust on
you know its hard to believe

30 days in the hole
30 days in the hole...ahwoo
30 days in the hole
(thats what they give me)
30 days in the hole

new castle brown
im tellin ya can sure smack you down
ya take a greasy whore in a rolling dance floor
got your head spinnin round

if ya live on the road
well, theres a new highway code
ya take the urban noise
and some terrible poison
gonna lessen your load

chorus/breakdown/2nd verse/3rd verse repeat


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