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riot squad ark sz

you, you better get ready / you better hold steady / they cant control this angry mob / theyll have to call the riot squad / riot squad / theyll have to call the riot / theyll have to call the riot squad.
how low can a punk get? - i didnt mean to rip off / i thought it was a get off in mine / i tried to make the scene off / the plan was doomed to set off on time / the time that i was wastin / i spent on only chasin in the pits / and now i pay the price / to make the sacrifice of a fool / i was on me / i chose not to be / cheated on part of the thrill / bargain was not fulfilled / lost in a crazy scheme / that got strapped up in my dream / and now my times runnin out / oh, whats it all about / another d.o.a. / can you help me / how low can a punk get / my, my, my / how low can a punk get.


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