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at the movies ark sz

heres to the maker / the film double taker / illusion type faker / guaranteed shaker / paravision viewer / or it just may seem / lost the real scope of life / the hope of life / to cope with life / and found it on the screen / and how many times have we heard that line / do you think im blind / to trade my mind / for what you call fine / never in my time / im not in your movie / hey, what can it be / on the big white screen / hey, how can you see / youre livin in 3d / i guess you think your at the movies somewhere / stale popcorn / dont stand in your chair / stale popcorn / don stand in your chair / a child is influenced, by the make believe / to take advantage of the truth is cold hearted sin / so i say to the youth right now / dont sway to the unjust / no matter what they say / never give in, never give in.


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