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disintegrate ark sz

we segregate, assimilate
assassinate and exterminate
accumulate the toxic waste
evacuate and fabricate
living in this catapult with ropes so frayed and weak
investigate, interrogate
the candidates and their watergates and all
they legislate and orchestrate
and designate just who will take the fall
looking through this goldfish bowl, no one sees the leaks
think im gonna
disintegrate in all this hate and ignorance
disintegrate, its getting late for the broken man
might as well disintegrate, what a fate i dont understand
the 20th century plan
the model playmate, alledged dream date
she emasculates me by saying hello
shes underweight, didnt graduate but
i have to take the bait like ive always been told
modern love does not exist
were actors playing parts
and starting to


we better phone in a prayer to the t.v. gods
a hundred dollars can get you salvation but
were gonna need to buy some bullet-proof souls
for world domination percolates some
theyll detontate and devastate, no one escapes
asphyxiation, instant cremation
its a stalemate or obliteration
well finally get that cleaner slate
with time to recreate...as long as we


i really think im gonna disintegrate


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