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charlene ark sz

is it her eyes? is it her smile? is it her talk? is it her style? is it the way she comes to me?

i feel so lonely. you can see. she wants my heart. she wants my nights. shes not for you. shes not your type.

shes not the kind to play the field. why dont you leave her to me?


charlene. charlene. i got to write a letter to charlene. charlene.

cause yous hould know the words she says to me. (wont you be my guy?)

are the words she says to me. (and it feels so nice.) a letter to charlene. charlene.

ive got to get a message to charlene. charlene. and give the girl an answer to her words.

answer to her words. and shes the one for me. the one. oh! oh! a letter to charlene.

shes all i know. she makes my life. if she should leave, i wouldnt survive.

now dont you go to fond with her. dont push your luck not in my girl. take all your love.

take all your chance to someone else and not to her arms. now cant you read between the lines.

dont wait for her. cause shes mine.



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