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debbie gibson, debbie gibson arklar, debbie gibson ark szleri
1.another brick falls381
2.anything is possible390
3.between the lines362
4.butterflies are free458
5.call yourself a lover403
6.cant do it alone474
7.cry tonight432
8.dancin in my mind559
9.deep down436
10.didnt have the heart506
11.do you have it in your heart338
12.dontcha want me now488
13.dont rain on my parade639
14.electric youth631
15.eyes of the child556
16.fallen angel404
17.foolish beat360
18.for better or worse765
19.free me412
20.give me your love428
22.helplessly in love386
23.how can this be387
24.i cant545
25.i will let you go385
26.in his mind389
27.it mustve been my boy493
28.just wasnt love450
29.kisses one452
30.lead them home my dreams376
31.lets run away574
32.little birdie421
33.losin myself589
34.lost in your eyes370
35.love in disguise454
36.love or money410
37.mood swings400
40.negative energy416
41.no more rhyme384
42.nobodys you432
43.ode to a would be lover361
44.one hand, one heart328
45.one step ahead325
46.only in my dreams388
47.only words363
48.out of the blue375
49.over the wall381
51.play the field363
52.red hot390
53.reverse psychology375
54.shades of the past360
55.shake your love361
56.shock your mama333
57.shouldve been the one434
58.silence speaks a thousand words388
59.stand your ground363
60.staying together383
62.tear down these walls349
63.think with your heart372
64.this so-called miracle388
65.too fancy391
67.two young kids392
68.wake up to love573
69.we could be together326
70.when i say no363
71.where have you been362
72.where i wanna be350
73.who loves ya baby426
74.will you love me tomorrow400
75.you dont have to see449
76.you know me388
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