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deana carter, deana carter arklar, deana carter ark szleri
1.absence of the heart396
2.angels working overtime368
3.before we ever heard goodbye367
4.brand new key446
5.colour everywhere436
6.count me in412
7.dickson county408
8.did i shave my legs for this409
9.everythings gonna be alright582
10.how do i get there412
11.if this is love414
12.ive loved enough to know494
13.love aint worth making549
14.make up your mind551
15.michelangelo sky485
16.never comin down614
17.once upon a december561
18.people miss planes382
19.ruby brown517
20.ruby tuesday414
21.strawberry wine564
22.thats how you know its love461
23.the train song534
24.to the other side439
25.we danced anyway389
26.what makes you stay387
27.you still shake me403
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