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dean friedman, dean friedman arklar, dean friedman ark szleri
1.all grown now383
2.are you ready yet433
4.ayamba yayahu its just another day469
5.buy my baby a car386
8.dont marry that boy571
9.dont mourn, dont cry489
10.dont you ever dare560
11.first date422
12.funny papers412
13.god of abraham382
14.hale bop she bop493
15.hey larry426
16.hey, hey, hillary375
18.how does this story end389
19.humor me574
20.i am in love with the mcdonalds girl460
21.i depend on you427
22.i may be young330
23.i will never leave you536
24.its a wonderful life661
25.its only make believe470
26.ive had enough503
27.jennifers baby436
28.little black cloud487
29.love is not enough420
30.love is real385
31.lucky stars395
33.marginal middle class403
34.maybe in a million years421
35.multimedia man582
36.new lang syne360
37.no one knows411
38.put you in my pocket405
39.rocking chair its gonna be all right435
42.saturday fathers406
43.shes a working mom502
44.shopping bag ladies411
46.sometimes i forget410
47.song for my mother723
48.special effects659
49.the deli song corned beef on rye337
50.the dolphins were dancing382
51.the letter419
52.typical town440
53.under a canopy336
54.where have all the angels flown410
55.wishing on a satellite426
56.woman of mine375
57.you can let down your hair414
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