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dead moon, dead moon arklar, dead moon ark szleri
1. going on380
2. miles of bad road351
3./ or fight334
4.a fix on you343
5.a miss of you435
8.as teardrops break342
9.back to back374
10.bad case391
11.black september397
12.cant do that600
13.cant help falling in love weiss, peretti & creatore431
14.cant let go487
15.cast will change353
17.christmas rush416
18.claim to fame352
19.clouds of dawn363
20.communication breakdown led zeppelin351
21.crazy to the bone378
22.crystal is falling400
23.dagger moon510
24.dark deception475
25.day after day360
26.dead in the saddle421
27.dead moon night577
29.demona cd only326
30.destination x338
31.diamonds in the rough346
32.dirty noise430
34.dont burn the fires530
35.dont look back657
36.down the road346
37.down to the dogs377
38.echoes to you337
39.evil eye443
40.fire in the western world359
41.folsom prison johnny cash384
42.get on board593
43.going south377
45.hey joe public domain419
46.i hate the blues409
47.i hate the blues cd only396
48.i tried529
49.i wont be the one485
50.ill of the dead407
51.in the altitudes cd only369
52.its a long way to the top509
53.its ok467
54.im not afraid654
55.im out nine615
56.im wise558
59.johnnys got a gun512
61.kicked out- kicked in358
62.killing me468
63.last train354
64.love comes once434
65.milk cow blues public domain450
66.my escape377
67.my escape cd only360
68.never again414
70.not the only one364
71.on another plane432
72.on my own474
73.one-way ticket405
74.only want to be your man341
75.out in the blue323
76.out of reach379
77.out on a wire347
78.over the edge cd only335
79.pain for pretty330
80.parchment farm allison399
81.play with fire nanker/phelge448
82.point of no return330
83.poor born384
84.psychodelic nightmare372
85.raise up the dead369
86.remember me394
90.ricochet " version500
92.running out of time361
93.running scared453
95.say it isnt so511
96.shadows of the night379
97.shot away441
98.signed dc arthur lee581
99.social contender409
100.somewhere far away403
101.sorrows forecast484
103.street of despair436
104.the dead line362
105.the way it is373
106.these times with you380
107.time has come today j & w chambers338
108.times are a changing bob dylan411
109.to nowhere down383
110.too far gone349
111.two fell away371
112.unknown passage462
113.unknown passage another version360
114.until it rains385
115.walking on my grave391
116.war baby528
117.we wont change551
118.where did i go wrong480
119.windows of time389
120.you must be a witch391
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