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T harfi ile başlayan Çevirilerimiz
1733.T.N.T - Ac&Dc
1734.Tailgunner - Iron Maiden
1735.Tainted Love&Where Did Our Love Go? - Pussycat Dolls
1736.Take A Bow - Muse
1737.Take Me Away - Avril Lavigne
1738.Take Me Away - Lindsay Lohan
1739.Take Me Breath Away - Jessica Simpson
1740.Take Me Now ft Janet Jackson - Justin Timberlake
1741.Take My Breath Away - Berlin
1742.Take My Breath Away - Jessica Simpson
1743.Take My Soul Away - Cranberries
1744.Take The Addiction - WASP
1745.Take Up Thy Stethoscope And Walk - Pink Floyd
1746.Taking Over Me - Evanescence
1747.Talk - Coldplay
1748.Tamally Maak - amr diab
1749.Taste In Men - Placebo
1750.Tears And Rain - James Blunt
1751.Tears Don t Fall - Bullet For My Valentine
1752.Tears In Heaven - Eric Clapton
1753.Tears On My Pillow - Kylie Minogue
1754.Tell Him - Celine Dion
1755.Tell Me - Antique
1756.Tell Me - Destiny s Child
1757.Tell Me - P.Diddy
1758.Tell Me Baby - Red Hot Chili Peppers
1759.Temperature - Sean Paul
1760.Temple Of Life - Avril Lavigne
1761.Temporary Peace - Anathema
1762.Territory - Sepultra
1763.Tha Gnome - Pink Floyd
1764.Thank You - Alanis Morissette
1765.Thank You - Christina Aguilera
1766.Thank You - Dido
1767.Thank You - Sarah Connor
1768.That Don t Impress Me Much - Shania Twain
1769.That s Not Me - Jennifer Lopez
1770.That s The Way It Is - Celine Dion
1771.The Angel And The Jerk - Green Day
1772.The Assassin - Iron Maiden
1773.The Ballad Of Wilhelm Fink - Green Day
1774.The Bard s Song - Blind Guardian
1775.The Bard s Song In The Forest - Blind Guardian
1776.The Beast - Accept
1777.The Beautiful People - Marilyn Manson
1778.The Beloveds Cry - Orphaned Land
1779.The Blower s Daughter - Damien Rice
1780.The Book Of Heavy Metal - Dream Evil
1781.The Burning Red - Machine Head
1782.The Chosen Few - Kreator
1783.The Clansman - Iron Maiden
1784.The Clown Is Dead - Axel Rudi Pell
1785.The Concept - Cranberries
1786.The Creator - Sami Yusuf
1787.The Crown And The Ring - Manowar
1788.The Crown Of Sympathy - My Dying Bride
1789.The Cry Of Silence - Draconian
1790.The Dogs Of War - Pink Floyd
1791.The Down Syndrome - Linkin Park
1792.The Eldar - Blind Guardian
1793.The Ensemble Of Silence - Empyrium
1794.The Everlasting - Manic Street Preachers
1795.The Evil That Men Do - Iron Maiden
1796.The Fate Of Norns - Amon Amarth
1797.The Fifth Illusion Furrowed Background - Rotting Christ
1798.The Fight For Freedom - Manowar
1799.The Forest Of October - Opeth
1800.The Frayed Ends Of Sanity - Metallica
1801.The Funeral of Hearts - HIM
1802.The Gallery - Dark Tranqulity
1804.The Gnome - Pink Floyd
1805.The God That Failed - Metallica
1806.The Gods Made Heavy Metal - Manowar
1807.The Happiest Days Of Our Lives - Pink Floyd
1808.The Hardest Part - Coldplay
1809.The Heartless - HIM
1810.The Hills Of The Crucifixion - Rotting Christ
1811.The Horror - WASP
1812.The House Of Rising Sun - Animals
1813.The House That Jack Built - Metallica
1814.The Humpty Dumpty Love Song - Travis
1815.The Icicle Melts - Cranberries
1816.The Immortal Ones - Primal Fear
1817.The Interview - AFI
1818.The Kids Are Alright - Green Day
1819.The Kill - 30 Seconds to Mars
1820.The Last Song I m Wasting On You - Evanescence
1821.The Legacy - Iron Maiden
1823.The Longest Day - Iron Maiden
1824.The Loyal - Tiger Lou
1825.The Memory Remains - Metallica
1826.The Mummers Dance - Loreena McKennitt
1827.The Nameless - Slipknot
1828.The Narrow Way Part - Pink Floyd
1829.The Nereid Of Esgalduin - Rotting Christ
1830.The Night And The Silent Water - Opeth
1831.The Noose - A Perfect Circle
1832.The One - Janet Jackson
1833.The One I Love - The Rasmus
1834.The Only One - Evanescence
1835.The Picture I View - Cranberries
1836.The Pilgrim - Iron Maiden
1837.The Power - Manowar
1838.The Power of Good Bye - Madonna
1839.The Power Of Thy Sword - Manowar
1840.The Promise - Tracy Chapman
1841.The Prophecy - Iron Maiden
1842.The Rain Comes Falling Down - Sentenced
1843.The Real Slim Shady - Eminem
1844.The Realist Killaz - 2Pac
1845.The Reason - Hoobastank
1846.The Rebels - Cranberries
1847.The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg - Iron Maiden
1848.The Right Man - Christina Aguilera
1849.The Rock Show - Blink 182
1850.The Sacrament - HIM
1851.The Saints Are Coming - Green Day
1852.The Saints Are Coming - Green Day-U2
1853.The Scarecrow - Pink Floyd
1854.The Sharpest Lives - My Chemical Romance
1855.The Shortest Straw - Metallica
1856.The Show Must Go On - Fredy Mercury
1858.The Show Must Go On - Queen
1859.The silent Enigma - Anathema
1860.The Sound Of San Francisco - Global Deejays
1861.The Struggle Within - Metallica
1862.The Suicider - Sentenced
1863.The Sun Does Rise - Cranberries
1864.The Sweet Escape - Gwen Stefani
1865.The Sweet Suffering - Anathema
1866.The Sweetest Thing - Cranberries
1867.The Thin Ice - Pink Floyd
1868.The Thin Line Between Love And Hate - Iron Maiden
1869.The Thing That Should Not Be - Metallica
1870.The Trooper - Iron Maiden
1871.The Twilight Is My Robe - Opeth
1872.The Warrior s Prayer - Manowar
1873.The Way I Am - Ana Johnsson
1874.The Way I Am - Eminem
1875.The Way You Touch Me - Enrique Iglesias
1876.The Wickerman - Iron Maiden
1877.The Word Made End - Rotting Christ
1878.The World Is Black - Good Charlotte
1879.The World Is Mine - David Guetta
1880.The World Is Not Enough - Garbage
1881.The Young And The Hopeless - Good Charlotte
1882.The Zephyr Song - Red Hot Chili Peppers
1883.Thelo na Se Do - Despina Vandi
1884.Them - Cranberries
1885.Therein - Dark Tranqulity
1886.These Colours Don t Run - Iron Maiden
1887.Things I Heard Today - Green Day
1888.Things I ll Never Say - Avril Lavigne
1889.This Ain t A Love Song - Jon Bon Jovi
1890.This Ain t A Scene, It s An Arms Race - Fall Out Boy
1891.This I Promise You - N Sync
1892.This Is How I Disappear - My Chemical Romance
1893.This Is My Dream - Lacuna Coil
1894.This Is Party - Magic Box
1895.This Is The Day - Cranberries
1896.This Love - Maroon 5
1897.This Night Has Opened - The Smiths
1898.This Picture - Placebo
1899.This River Is Wild - The Killers
1900.This Too Will Pass - Pentagram
1901.Thor the Powerhead - Manowar
1902.Thorn Within - Metallica
1904.Thou Art Free - Saturnus
1905.Thoughtless - Evanescence
1906.Thousand Miles - Vanessa Carlton
1907.Through Struggle - As I Lay Dying
1908.Through The Never - Metallica
1909.Tier - Rammstein
1910.Till I Collapse - Eminem
1911.Time is runing out - Muse
1912.Time Is Ticking Out - Cranberries
1913.Time Of Your Life - Green Day
1914.Time To Burn - The Rasmus
1915.Tired Of Waiting For You - Green Day
1916.To Bid You Farewell - Opeth
1917.To Live Is To Die - Metallica
1918.To Love You More - Celine Dion
1919.To The Moon And Back - Savage Garden
1920.Together - Avril Lavigne
1921.Tokyo s On Fire - WASP
1922.Tomorrow - Avril Lavigne
1923.Tomorrow Is Another Day - Demir Demirkan
1924.Tonight - Reamonn
1925.Tonight - Westlife
1926.Too Bad - Nickelback
1927.Too Late - James Blunt
1928.Too Little Too Late - Jojo
1929.Too Lost In You - Sugababes
1930.Too Much Too Soon - Green Day
1931.Total Eclipse Of The Heart - Meat Loaf & Bonnie Tyler
1932.Touch Of My Hand - Britney Spears
1933.Touch The Sky - Avril Lavigne
1934.Tourniquet - Evanescence
1935.Tourniquet - Evanescence
1936.Toxic - Britney Spears
1937.Toxicity - System Of A Down
1938.Tragedy - Bee Gees
1939.Trapped Under Ice - Metallica
1940.Trash - Korn
1941.Treno - Anna Vissi
1942.Trick Me - Kelis
1943.Trouble - Pink
1944.Truly Madly Deeply - Savage Garden
1945.Try - Nelly Furtado
1946.Tu Amor - Rbd
1947.Tu Y Yo - Thalia
1948.Tuesday s Gone - Metallica
1949.Tuonela - Amorphis
1950.Turkish Delight - Eylem
1951.Turn Around - Nirvana
1952.Turn It Up - Paris Hilton
1953.Turn The Page - Metallica
1954.Turn Your Car Around - Lee Ryan
1955.Twenty One - Cranberries
1956.Twenty Years - Placebo
1957.Twist Of Fate - Emilia
1958.Twisted Transistor - Korn
1959.Two Rivers - Avril Lavigne
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