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I harfi ile başlayan Çevirilerimiz
800.I Am Not A Girl,Not Yet A Woman - Britney Spears
801.I Believe - Bosson
802.I Believe In You - Kylie Minogue
803.I Belong To Me - Jessica Simpson
804.I Breath Again - Adam Rickitt
805.I Can t Be With You - Cranberries
806.I Can t Lie - Sarah Connor
807.I d Do Anything - Simple Plan
808.I Died For You - Iced Earth
809.I Don t Care - Ricky Martin
810.I Don t Give A Damn - Avril Lavigne
811.I Don t Like The Drugs - Marilyn Manson
812.I Don t Love You - My Chemical Romance
813.I Don t Need - Cranberries
814.I Don t Need A Man - Pussycat Dolls
815.I Don t Wanna Know - Mario Winans
816.I Don t Wanna Know If You Are Lonely - Green Day
817.I Don t Wanna Miss A Thing - Aerosmith
818.I Don t Want To Miss A Thing - Aerosmith
819.I Don t Want To Wait - Paulo Cole
820.I Don t Want You Here Anymore - Helena Paparizou
821.I Feel Good - James Brown
822.I Feel You - Depeche Mode
823.I Got Money Now - Pink
824.I Have Always Loved You - Enrique Iglesias
825.I Have Seen The Rain - Pink
826.I Just Called To Say I Love You - Stevie Wonder
827.I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight - Cutting Crew
828.I Just Shot John Lennon - Cranberries
829.I Just Wanna Live - Good Charlotte
830.I Knew I Loved You - Savage Garden
831.I Know - Placebo
832.I Know What It Is To Be Young - Orson Welles
833.I Know What You Want - Busta Rhymes
834.I Know What You Want - Mariah Carey
835.I Lay My Love On You - Westlife
836.I Like Chopin - Gazebo
837.I Like The Way You Move - Bodyrockers
838.I ll Always Love You - Whitney Houston
839.I ll Be Yours - Placebo
840.I Love Rock N Roll - Britney Spears
841.I Love You - Ümit Besen
842.I m A Bitch, I m A Lover - Alanis Morissette
843.I m A Rocker - Judas Priest
844.I m Glad - Jennifer Lopez
846.I m Lost Without You - Blink 182
847.I m No Angel - Dido
848.I m Not A Girl - Britney Spears
849.I m Not Missing You - Stacie Orrico
850.I m Okay - Christina Aguilera
851.I m Outto Love - Anastacia
852.I m Real - Jennifer Lopez
853.I m Slave For You - Britney Spears
854.I m So Stupid - Madonna
855.I m Still Remembering - Cranberries
856.I m With You - Avril Lavigne
857.I m Your Angel - Celine Don
858.I Might Be Wrong - Radiohead
859.I Miss You - Blink 182
860.I Miss You - Darren Hayes
861.I must be dreaming - Evanescence
862.I Need You - Marc Anthony
863.I Need You - Westlife
864.I really hope - Cranberries
865.I Run Away - Britney Spears
866.I Still - Backstreet Boys
867.I Stıll Do - Cranberries
868.I Swear - All4One
869.I Think I m Paranoid - Garbage
870.I Turn To You - Christina Aguilera
871.I ve Got You - Marc Anthony
872.I ve Just Begun - Britney Spears
873.I Want It That Way - Backstreet Boys
874.I want to be buried in your backyard - Nightmare Of You
875.I Want To Disappear - Marilyn Manson
876.I Want To Hold Your Hand - Beatles
877.I Want You - Elvis Costello
878.I Want You - Paris Hilton
879.I Want You - Thalia
880.I Will Always - Cranberries
881.I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston
882.I Will Be There - Britney Spears
883.I Will Still Love You - Britney Spears
884.I Will Survive - Cake
885.I Will Survive - Enrique Iglesias
886.I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor
887.I Write Sins Not Tragedies - Panic At The Disco
888.Iced Earth - Iced Earth
889.Ich Will Nicht Gehen - Muhabbet
890.Idioteque - Radiohead
891.Idle Threats - A Global Threat
892.If I Ain t Got You - Alicia Keys
893.If I Could - Helloween
894.If I Could Fly - Helloween
895.If I Go Away - Savatage
896.If I Were You - Hoobastank
897.If It s Lovin That You Want - Rihanna
898.If It s Lovin That You Want Pt. 2 - Rihanna
899.If Tomorrow Never Comes - Ronan Keating
900.If You Come Back - Blue
901.If You Could Only See - Tonic
902.If You Ever - The Rasmus
903.If You Go Away - Patricia Kaas
904.If You re Not The One - Daniel Bedingfield
905.Illegal - Shakira
906.Illusions - As I Lay Dying
907.Imaginary - Evanescence
908.Imagine - A Perfect Circle
909.Imagine - Beatles
910.Imagine - John Lennon
911.In Bloom - Nirvana
912.In Da Club - 50 Cent
913.In His Touch - Celine Dion
914.In Joy And Sorrow - HIM
915.In Memory - Primal Fear
916.In My Heart - Moby
917.In My Life - The Rasmus
918.In My Time Of Need - Opeth
919.In The Cold Light Of Morning - Placebo
920.In The Crossfire - Starsailor
922.In The End - Linkin Park
923.In The Flesh - Pink Floyd
924.In The Garden - Cranberries
925.In The Ghetto - Cranberries
926.In The Mist She Was Standing - Opeth
927.In The Shadow - The Rasmus
928.In The Shadows - The Rasmus
929.In The White - Katatonia
930.In Visible Light - Lacuna Coil
931.In Your Eyes - Kylie Minogue
932.In Your Eyes - Tarkan
933.Incomplete - Backstreet Boys
934.India - Dido
935.Infrared - Placebo
936.Inner Self - Sepultra
937.Insanity s Crescendo - Dark Tranqulity
938.Insatiable - Darren Hayes
939.Intervention - Madonna
940.Into The Ocean - Blue October
941.Intuition - Jewel
942.Iris - Avril Lavigne
943.Iris City of Angels Soundtrack - Goo Goo Dolls
944.Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden
945.Iron Man - Black Sabbath
946.Ironic - Alanis Morissette
947.Irreplaceable - Beyonce Knowles
948.Is This Love - Whitesnake
949.IstanbulNot Constantinople - They Might Be Giants
950.It Ain t Over Till It s Over - Lenny Kravitz
951.It Is All Over But The Crying - Garbage
952.It s Gonna Be Me - N Sync
953.It s Just Me - Blue October
954.It s My Life - No Doubt
955.It s Not That Easy - Lemar
956.It s Only Rock n Roll - Cranberries
957.It Takes More - Ms. Dynamite
958.Ithaf - Mor Ve Ötesi
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