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yasmine bleeth kimdir ? yasmine bleeth biyografi
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yasmine bleeth

Real Name: Yasmine Amanda Bleeth
Birthday: 14.06.1968
Birthplace: New York City, NY, USA
Occupation: Actor
Sign: Gemini
Death date: N/A
Death reason: N/A

Yasmine began her career at the age of 6 months, when she was featured as the Johnson & Johnson Baby. She caught the eye of fashion photographer, Francesco Scavullo, who included her in his self-entitled book Scavullo's Women. She was one of People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People in 1995. ...

Born June 14, 1968 in New York, Max has distinguished herself from the rest of the 'typecast' Baywatch cast by proving she can act, and not just fill out a bathing suit. Her acting career though began when she was only six months old, with an endorsement with Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo. She also landed her first cosmetics job at the age of six, with an appearance in a Max Factor campaign. Bleeth attended the United Nations International School in New York while she was doing modeling and acting jobs, though she also drew cold feelings from her classmates, who used to call her "Spazzy Yazzy" because of her unusual name. One time when a movie role sent her away a few months she received strange looks before one of her friends had told her they all had thought she had left to have a child, which she said devastated her at the age of 14. Yasmine began her soap opera career at only the age of 16, when she got the role of Ryan Fenelli in the ABC Soap Ryan's Hope. Her stint their lasted four years and she continued in that vein in 1991 with a role in another ABC soap One Life To Live. Perhaps her most recognized role to this date though landed shortly after her One Life... role ended, when she got the part of Caroline Holden in the syndicated hit Baywatch in 1994. Her three years there helped land her the distinction of People's 50 Most Beautiful People in 1995. Yasmine's success continued after her Baywatch run was up with several appearances in made for TV and big screen roles. She has starred in The Lake, Ultimate Betrayal, Road Rage, and A Face To Die For on the TV movie circuit, while landing roles in BASEketball and Undercover Angels on the big screen. Her most recent TV series role has been playing as Caitlin Cross alongside Don Johnson in the CBS hit Nash Bridges.

Yasmine's off screen life has been much less publicized than some of her wild Baywatch female co-stars. Many are surpassed that unlike her castmates, she has never appeared nude nor has had relationships with members of Motley Crue. She also has confirmed in fact her breasts are real, and not silicon enhanced! She has been described as a 'homebody' by many and rarely makes much of an appearance in tabloid trash. Yasmine's life was touched by tragedy in 1992 when her mother Carina died from breast cancer and she recently opened her own website which will help her share her passion for breast cancer research and early detection to her many fans, which can be found at yasmineonline.com. Yasmine had a relationship with Matthew Perry and in face was even in the video for the Rembrandts follow-up hit to "I'll Be There For You" with "This House Is Not A Home". Her most recent and most serious relationship though has been with Richard Grieco, who is best known for his role in 21 Jump Street. There relationship has had its ups and downs and is greatly strained by the fact that Grieco had an affair while dating Bleeth in 1998 with his ex-girlfriend Kimber Sissons, where she reports during that one month period she was living with the actor she became pregnant with his child. What's troubling though are reports that Grieco is a deadbeat dad, which are being leveled at him by Kimber, who claims Grieco has only paid her $1,000 in child support and has never visited his boy, despite the fact he owns a $1.46 million home in LA with $92 thousand in furnishings and another $34 thousand in art, in addition to an exotic car collection. Friends say Richard fears that establishing a relationship with his son may jeopardize his relationship with Bleeth.

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