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victoria silvstedt kimdir ? victoria silvstedt biyografi
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victoria silvstedt

Born on September 19, 1974, in Skelleftea, Sweden, Victoria is an accomplished actress, singer and a lovely, striking supermodel. She grew up in a small village close to the Arctic Circle, and was raised with an older sister and a younger brother in a middle class Scandinavian family. Victoria spent her winters skiing, and at 18 she decided to enter a very different type of competition. When Victoria enters a room you will immediately notice how strikingly beautiful she is. She has an incredible physical presence and an even more impressive structure, to put it mildly.

Victoria entered the Miss Sweden contest and represented Sweden in the 1993 Miss World Pageant. Although she didn't win, the World became aware of her talent and beauty, and she did come in as one of the top ten contestants. After the pageant, Victoria left her small town in Sweden and found herself in Paris where she began modeling professionally. Standing at 5'9", it wasn't very difficult for this stunning vixen to find modeling opportunities. Three years later, Playboy discovered her, and she became Miss December 1996 and the 1997 Playmate of the Year.

It didn't take long for the blonde beauty to land a contract with Guess, and she followed in the footsteps of models Eva Herzigova and Shana Zadrick. Victoria's career has been skyrocketing ever since, with appearances on television shows such as 'Melrose Place' and MTV's 'The Real World'. She even made a guest appearance in the film "Basketball".

Victoria now lives in the United States, where she actively pursues her modeling career, and is also on her way in several roles in featured films. Her most recent accomplishment is the recording of a new album, where her first release is entitled 'Hello Hey'. Although it's not big in the States, it has gone gold in Europe. In addition to modeling, acting, and singing, her favorite hobbies are horseback riding, and of
course, downhill skiing.

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