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valerie wildman kimdir ? valerie wildman biyografi
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valerie wildman

Valerie Wildman portrays Fay Walker, a woman with a heart of gold despite unfortunate circumstances, on Days of Our Lives. 'I have played so many rich and shallow women,' states Wildman, 'that playing Fay Walker, with her humility and compassion, feels like a blessing. I hope Fay will inspire others who are going through hard times.'
Valerie was born in Miami Beach, Florida and attended Miami Beach High, where she juggled academics, theatre, and her overwhelming desire to be involved in social services. She graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in psychology and attended graduate school at Sonoma State in Northern California, all the while dreaming of acting and finding a way to combine drama with helping others.

Valerie holds a Master's degree in Counseling and worked as a Peace Corps volunteer in the 'barrios' of the Cartagena mountains in Colombia. Upon arriving in Los Angeles after the Peace Corps, Valerie appeared in numerous films and television series, including Oliver Stone's acclaimed Salvador., In 1995, Valerie won the prestigious Dramalogue Award for her Marilyn Monroe-like portrayal of Helen of Troy in Trojan Women. Before joining the cast of Days of Our Lives, Valerie wrapped a role in Castaway, starring Tom Hanks.

At the end of her Peace Corps tenure, Valerie wanted to expand her theatrical efforts to make a difference by developing film and television projects that 'uplifted the human spirit.' Thus, her production company, Wildwind Productions, was born. Valerie is married and has four step-children 'of every age.' Valerie is now working on her Ph.D. in Child and Adolescent Psychology, with an emphasis in the Expressive Arts. In her practically non-existent spare time, Valerie enjoys meditating, counseling young people, and anything to do with nature. Valerie has blond hair and green eyes. She celebrates her birthday on August 6th.

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